Ask Biology

Differentiatin Open Eyes and Closed Eyes signals

We were given the task of differentiating whether a given signal is of open eyes or of closed eyes with the use of fourier transform. I have been checking online and I’ve been seeing things like alpha and beta waves but I’m not sure that’s it. An example of the signals that we need to […]

Ask Health Medical

Why do shave biopsies and punch biopsies used to diagnose suspected facial basal cell carcinomas measure a few mm instead of being below 1mm?

Given a neoplasm of uncertain behavior of skin on a patient’s face that is suspected to be a basal cell carcinoma (BCC), the typical first step is to perform a shave biopsy to determine the type of basal cell carcinomas so that one can decide the treatment {1}. Punch biopsies are also sometimes used instead […]

Apple User Help

How do I move a partition in on macOS?

I’m migrating data from a 525GB drive to a 1TB drive. Part of the reason I’m doing this is the APFS container got messed up on the 525GB drive (I have backups). The first thing did was dd the data from the 525GB drive to the 1TB drive (partition table and all). Of course, the […]

Apple User Help

‘items rooted in the hierarchy of the named item’ – what is being described here?

Any number of descriptions of Macos file permission and ownership features use the term ‘rooted’ in ways that indicate that it is a well understood concept. For example: ‘items rooted in the hierarchy of the named item’. However, I can find no specific definition for what appears to me to be a slippery synonym for […]

Ask Games RPG Games

Galders speedy courier, definition of “mineral goods”

The 4th level spell, ‘Galder’s Speedy Courier’, has the following material component cost: (25 gold pieces, or mineral goods of equivalent value, which the spell consumes) I assume we can agree that "mineral goods" falls under the category ‘object’ as defined here What is considered an object? My questions: Is there a clear definition in […]

Database Development

School Database Schema

Im working on a simple school system which handles student registration and schedule. Furthermore, the system should handle different type of schools Such as Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and High (Pre-school and k12).. Im not an expert in DB design but still follow what i can from what i learn through reading and practice. Student Parent […]

Ask Games Video Games

Why does the Dawnguard attack me on site?

I joined volhikar and become a vampire. Yes. I am their enemy. But what actually triggers them to hate me? Is this because I am a 4th stage vampire? Does that mean if I drink blood I can come to Dawnguard fort and buy spells? Is this because they know that the dragon born is […]

CMS Mastering Development

Is there a way to compare what has changed on an entry while it’s being saved?

I’m taking my first baby steps into the php side of Craft, and my php experience in general is extremely fledgling. But I’m pretty much forced to create a module for a project I have, so here I am flailing around in a space I know virtually nothing about. So thanks for reading. Basically, I […]

Ask Electrical Engineering Engineering

Is MOSFET threshold min and max only limits when it goes on and off?

From the 2N7002’s data sheet, it can be shown than there is a minimum voltage threshold and maximum threshold and also a typical voltage threshold. Case 1: When the MOSFET gate gets 1V, the MOSFET begins to turn ON(> 0%). When the MOSFET gets 2.5V, it’s 100% turn ON? Case 2: When MOSFET get […]

Ask Chemistry

Calculate the final temperature and the work done by the oxygen that follows the Van Der Waals equation

A balloon is filled with oxygen at $25°C$ and $1.10$ $atm$. The atmospheric pressure is $640$ $torr$. The balloon explodes. Calculate the temperature of the oxygen immediately after exploding. If $Cv$ for oxygen is $Cv=4.90\ cal/\left(mol\cdot K\right)$ Calculate $W$ if the balloon contained $10$ $g$ of oxygen.